Welcome to Ocean Express!


   Do you want to import products from the US but don't want to pay for premium shipping? Ocean Express is the answer!


There is no membership fee to pay! Whatever product price you find online is what you'll pay, plus freight charges (see below) plus the standard Customs duty rate + wharfage such as 7.75% for most clothing, 11.25% for footwear, 26.25% for most other items.


We cannot purchase from the following vendors:

Target        Crutchfield.com        Best Buy

HP.com        Pier One Imports     IKEA

Under Armour         Home Depot (we recommend Lowes or Ace Hardware)

NOTE: We cannot accept orders from Amazon Fresh/Instacart or any sites of that type. Their items do not come packed for shipping. 


Ocean freight:


The price you'll pay for your shipment is $15.00 per cubic foot for the first 20 cubic feet and $10.00 per cubic foot thereafter. There is also a $10 charge per vendor for up to 5 items and then $2 per additional item. Finally, the first shipment received from each vendor at our warehouse is free but  subsequent shipments incur a $5 handling charge. Companies like Amazon and WalMart will often  break orders into multiple shipments. If multiple shipments are received at the same time they are counted as one delivery.


If you know the carton measurements of the  item(s) you wish to order, click on the Calculator tab for an estimate of your freight cost.


Ex: A 5 cubic foot order from one vendor, received all at the same time in our NJ warehouse will cost you $85.00 (5X$15+$10). If the same 5 cubic foot order arrived at our NJ warehouse over 4 days , you'd pay $15 more (3 deliveries x $5). The minimum charge for any shipment to Bermuda is $60, including the $10 purchase fee.


How it works:


 Each time you wish to import with Ocean Express, you click on the Place Order tab at the top right of any page. Enter your details and click <SUBMIT>. Completing the form will only take you a minute or two. We'll send you a PDF file presentation to confirm your order together with the total first cost price in US dollars or the Bermuda dollar equivalent. To proceed with the order, you deposit the total cost to our HSBC account*. We'll then purchase the item(s) on your behalf. You don't need a US billing address as WE are making the purchase!


Once the shipment has been received in our Bermuda warehouse, we'll bill you in Bermuda dollars for shipping charges, as well as the duty and wharfage. You will then make a second deposit to our account.


How long does it take?


Shipments received in our NJ warehouse by end of day Tuesday will usually be available for collection from our Bermuda warehouse on the following Thursday.  Note that we have no control over how long it takes for YOUR vendor to process your order and deliver to our NJ warehouse.




Insurance is optional (but recommended). Without insurance you are only covered if your  item(s) is LOST while in our possession. WITH insurance you are covered for MAJOR issues. We do not cover small cosmetic scratches/dents. Note that we reserve the right to refuse insuring some highly fragile items.


Cost of insurance is 2.5% of the landed cost of the item(s) which includes the product cost, duty, wharfage, ocean freight and optional local delivery. Minimum insurance premium is $30.




Delivery to your home or office is also available, with an extra charge. Click on the Home Delivery tab for pricing.


IMPORTANT: We must purchase each and every item on your behalf. You may not purchase items and send them to our warehouse- shipments of this kind will not be accepted. We are following very strict guidelines given to us by HM Customs.


We are not responsible for the quality, sizing etc of the products you order. If you have problems with your purchase, we will help you make a claim with the vendor.


We do not guarantee a specific delivery date. We will do our very best to keep you informed of the status of your order.


* Debit/credit card payments attract a 4% surcharge.