"I'm so glad I found out about Ocean Express.  I can now feel free to order anything from any site on the internet.  If you can wait a few weeks for your stuff, it's really a great deal!  I've made several orders, and I find that in total, I pay only  about 50% over the internet cost of goods.  You can't get that anywhere else.  In stores, you'll pay 100% or more over the internet price.  That's shipping, duty and all costs!  And no worrying about whether places ship to Bermuda, or whether they'll take your card, or filling out checkout forms at all.  Not to mention the superior customer service." - Sandra W


"This was the least painful and most economical importing experiencing I have had!" - Caroline S


"Ocean Express saved me $370 on shipping costs for a single item - the low cubic foot cost combined with no fuel surcharge resulted in significant savings compared to air shipping. Timely delivery was provided within a week of receipt at their US warehouse, and their staff are extremely responsive in dealing with questions or issues. Overall, great customer service and exceptional value." - Tom C


"Just want to say a big thank you - the goods have arrived safe and sound. I can't speak highly enough of the service you provide - I will (and do) recommend your service to anyone else who is looking to bring items into Bermuda." - Calum


"I have been using Ocean Express for the past six months to order stuff for my baby. I have saved almost 50% on the shipping cost of big items (such as crib, stroller etc.). Ocean Express is much cheaper than using air shipping. I asked for quotes from other shipping companies and found out that Ocean Express' rates are much better. My orders were delivered without any damage and customer service was excellent. I am a very happy customer and I highly recommend using Ocean Express if you need to bring items to the island, because of the savings and my experience.." - M. Correia